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Planning a Budgeted Trip to Miami

For those who haven’t yet been to Miami, it reminds us of everything that any beach city could offer its visitors. That’s the precise picture that one derives from what we have been seeing about the city in movies and popular television shows. The city is rightly famous for its party-life, cruises, Cuban culture and glittering beaches.

Miami is far from being ‘cheap’ in every sense and its tantalizing glitter may make the visitors shell out big bucks. Apart from buying cheap airline tickets to Miami, Florida, there are several other ways in which you could plan a budgeted trip to the city:


1.Escaping to sunny beaches should be on the top of your list. At Miami, there are several such beaches where you could spend hours basking under the sunlight. These include South Beach, Lummus Park Beach, Haulover Beach, etc. These beaches are full of activities; be it bars, shops, or simply sightseeing- visitors would find it quite difficult to get enough of it.

2.There are several serene places in the city where one could find some real peace of mind. One could practice some morning yoga to strike a right balance between mind, body and ‘pocket.’ Many yoga practitioners offer free yoga classes at Bayfront Park. So those planning an economic trip to the city could search more about such places while booking airline tickets to Miami, Florida.

3.There are several ways in which one could feel the leisure of a perfect holiday within a limited budget. One could take a walk tour in the Art Deco District to get some real experience of modern arts and architecture. Recognized as a US historic district, Art Deco has 800 structures of historical significance including the famous Versace mansion on the Ocean Drive.

4.Little Havana: The Cuban influence on Miami is well there for the tourists to explore by themselves. As the popular cinema would have us believe, this aspect of life and arts is quite intrinsically intermeshed with the city’s life. In Little Havana, one could take a walk along the Calle Ocho walk of Fame, Hispanic version of Hollywood’s legendary sidewalk. So before booking your airline tickets to Miami, Florida, one could find out more about this part of the city.

5.There are several hotels that provide free bike tour for the tourists to explore the Miami neighborhoods. This is perhaps the best way to enjoy the weather and ambiance of the city.

If things begin to get stingy by now, you could surely shell out some money on shopping or other fun activities in the city. Apart from shopping, there are several lounges, nightclubs, pubs and cruises where one could party all night long.


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