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Exploring Amsterdam Through its Canals

If you are planning to visit Amsterdam this winter, be ready to get the best of history, nature and culture. This capital of the Netherlands is reputed as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Annually, it attracts over 7 million international travelers. Given the gorgeous canals meandering through the city, Amsterdam is aptly nicknamed “Venice of the North”.
The impressive architecture of the city is complemented by over 1,500 bridges that arcs the water bodies channeling the city. So in case you have booked your airline tickets to Amsterdam, it could be easily suggested to explore it through its canals.


Capturing the mood of the city
Capturing the mood of Amsterdam is all about understanding the important aspects of the city and immersing oneself in its past and present. For this, there is no way better than taking a boat ride through the city canals. The waterways of the city are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Canal Bus
Travelers may cruise through the city on a Canal Bus to get the best of Amsterdam. The ride will give you a chance of a lifetime to view the city and its picturesque settings on this unique bus ride. The canal cruise will give you a mesmerizing experience as it glides through some of the famous canals of the city. You will get past some of the iconic monuments and heritage centers. These include the museums of Amsterdam like Anne Frank House, NEMO Science Museum, the Maritime Museum and Rijks museum.

Canal Buses halt at Albert Cuyp market and Rembrandt Square. As you take this special city ride, you may take off at any of the 9 stops. With the facility of on board audio guide, the Canal Bus Tour is available all through the year with options of online pre-booking. You might look for these travel packages as you book your airline tickets to Amsterdam.

The City of Water
The waterways of Amsterdam stretch to about 100km and a quarter of city’s total area is covered with water bodies. The city canals are literally its lifeblood and form the heart and soul of the city. Those planning to book cheap flights to Amsterdam may find it quite sufficient to explore Amsterdam through its water bodies.


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