Top Attractions at Walt Disney World Orlando

As a legendary entertainment complex in Orlando, Florida, the Walt Disney World Resort has been a center of tourists attraction since past four decades. Such is the fame of this fantasy land that over 52 million people come here annually to experience some real thrill and fun. With its slogan of “Where dreams come true”, Disney World has been a dream place for young and old alike.

Opened in 1971, Disney world started with Magic Kingdom and its grand success led to opening of several other theme parks and adventure sites like Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Adventure Island, Typhoon Lagoon, Animal Kingdom, etc. Now there are several resorts and luxury hotels that ensure a complete family getaway for the visitors. Those planning to book their Orlando to Cape Town flights may look out for these tourists attractions:


  1. Cinderella Castle, Magic World: This fairy tale castle was completed in July 1971 and is about 183 feet tall. What makes this castle special is its flamboyant Gothic style of 15th There were no bricks used for its construction and the inner part of the structure is made with 600 tonnes of steel braced frame. The castle has been redecorated on several occasions and has been venue to glittering display of fireworks to celebrate these events.
  1. Epcot: This theme park is located in Bay Lake and was opened in 1982. It spans over 300 acres and is dedicated to celebrating human achievement, be it technological innovation or culture. At the future world section of the park, there are numerous pavilions exhibiting the scientific and technological wonders. You might also look for the event schedule at Epcot while booking your flight tickets to Orlando.
  1. Spaceship Earth: Of utmost importance is the Spaceship Earth, the iconic symbol of Epcot and its most recognizable structure. At this 18-story giant sphere, one could have an experience of time machine using an Omnimover amusement ride. To witness the human progress in terms of communications, you may take 15-minute dark ride.
  1. The Great Movie Ride: Here, one could take a dark ride to view the Audio-Animatronic projection of characters from classic Hollywood movies. These iconic scenes and characters are recreated through special effects and one could get up-close with the Golden era of Hollywood. Some of the famous movies presented are Singin’ in the Rain, The Public Enemy, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Wizard of Oz, etc.
  1. Typhoon Lagoon: This water theme park is located in Lake Buena Vista and is one of the largest outdoor wave pools in the world. Themed upon legend typhoon that destroyed a tropical paradise, here one could witness the might of storm on ships and fishing gear. Some other tourists attractions here include storm slides, gang plank falls, overlook pass, Forgotten Grotto, Mayday Falls, etc. You may buy your tickets for Typhoon Lagoon along with your flight tickets to Orlando.

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