Visiting Hawaii This Holiday Season

Factoring in booking costs, weather and crowd numbers, it is no doubt that October is perhaps the best month for visiting Hawaii. With its sandy beaches amid the Pacific waters, Hawaii and its capital city Honolulu is a paradise for your October getaway. So as you book your last minute flight to Honolulu, we have come up with travel guide for your Hawaii visit.


With August and September being the warmest months, the mercury begins to drop from the October onwards. This provides the beach lovers a perfect weather to enjoy the best that Hawaii has to offer. Night temperatures here could drip to lower than 70s F. With low rainfall, October is still better to explore the streets and beaches.

Hawaii Pacific Ocean

At the famous Waikiki beach in Oahu island, North Shore rainfall is a little higher. Kauai island receives about 3.82 inches of rainfall and the same numbers for Oahu is about 3.82 inches. Always check the city’s weather forecast as you buy tickets for your last minute flight to Honolulu.

Visiting In October

As per data by the Hawaiian Tourism Authority, the number of tourists visiting Hawaii is below average. This makes the hotel and tour booking quite easy and affordable. You could visit the websites of some of the tour operators providing lucrative tour packages for your holiday trip. Same is the case with airfare. Its quite easy to book cheap last minute flights to Honolulu for your October trip.

Events and Festivals

Hawaii Hula Dancers

There are a number of events that you may take part in while visiting Hawaii in the month of October. On the top of your list has to be the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival that takes place in Oahu island. Coconut Festival takes place around the first weekend of October in the Kauai island.

As for events and competition, there is yet much more to see and enjoy. XTERRA Championship is a triathlon event that has a three stage race that include swim stage, trail-running stage and mountain biking stage. The rugged and hilly tracks add more thrill and fun to the championship as the participants have to battle it out under extreme conditions. The excitement at the Ironman competition – part of triathlon race organized by World Triathlon Competition – is almost similar.

Beach Activity

Famous for its sun-kissed beaches, Waikiki attracts tourists from across the world to get some real beach experience and surf in the calm waters of the Pacific. Those touring with their family might also make a visit to the Waikiki Aquarium and Honolulu Zoo.

Hawaii Beach

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