Holiday Excursion to the Samba City in Rio de Janeiro

Being the second largest city of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is famous for its magnificent landscape, annual Carnival, balneario beaches, samba dance and… Yes, football!   The statue of Christ the Redeemer is the most significant landmark of Rio and looms large with its imposing grandeur over the city.

The beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema are famed across the globe for vibrancy of their beach life. Similar is the prominence of Maracana Stadium among the sports venues. The recently held 2016 Rio Olympics and 2014 Fifa World Cup have taken the reputation of Rio to the next level. So as you plan to book your flights from Mexico City to Rio de Janeiro, we have come with a short holiday guide for this “Samba City”:


Beaches: The famed beaches of Rio are located in the Zona Sul (Portuguese for South Zone). These include Leblon, Copacabana, Flamengo and Ipanema beach. Of these, Famengo is an in-bay beach and like other in-bay beaches, it is inappropriate for bathing.

Brazilian beaches are wide and clean with soft white sand. Many beaches provide services like beach showers, wet trails along beach, clean toilets, life-savers, and other recreational food and drinks. You may find thousands of vendors selling beach stuffs like sunglasses, bikinis, lemonade, ice tea, and local sea food.


Corcovado: Historically, Corcovado gained its prominence when Pedro II, in 1885, ordered construction of railway lines to this uninhabited mountain. Many years later, Cristo Redentor or Christ the Redeemer was erected which presently attracts over a million visitors each year. Apart from this elegant statue, the picturesque view of the famous Rio beaches and the Maracana stadium provides a great chance of sightseeing to the visitors. You may contact local tour operators for booking a round trip to the mountain summit.

São Bento: The church complex of São Bento is one of the finest architectural works of Benedictine order. The complex is almost four hundred years old and includes silver work in its choir chapel along with some exquisite paintings. Those booking flight tickets to Rio de Janeiro might find this church a great source of spiritual relief.


Tijuca National Park: This national park surrounds the statue of Cristo Redentor. The conservation site protects Tijuca Forest, one of the largest in-city forests in the world. The forest has wide variety of native trees that are habitat to local Capuchin monkeys, Brazilian raccoon, blue butterflies, hawks, etc.

Rio Carnival: Those planning to visit Rio around New Year could get a chance of a life-time to witness the grand spectacle of Rio Carnival. The festival is all about samba dance, street parties and other major events. Of all the parades, Sambodromo is a must-see and the festival’s main event.



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