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Honolulu in 48 hours

Being the capital of the tropical archipelago of Hawaii, Honolulu is globally renowned for its fancy beaches and beautiful landscape. Tourists flock in droves to witness the lavishing night life and the enchanting atmosphere. Various airliners provide direct flights to Hawaii from different parts of the world. So book your flight tickets to Honolulu now and get ready for the trip of your lifetime.

Apart from the mesmerizing scenic beauty, Honolulu has several arts centers, museums, an aquarium, a zoo and other amusement venues. Here are few places to interest that you may explore on your trip to Honolulu:


1. Pearl Harbor: Being the center of operations of the Pacific Fleet of the US Navy, Pearl Harbor is known for many great battles that America fought against its enemies on the other part of the ocean. But it was rather the Japanese ambush on this harbor during the Second World War that left a deep scar on our history. That event led to the capsizing of 4 US battleships and destruction of 188 US aircraft.

After that, the authorities have built the USS Arizona Memorial to honor the lives of American brave hearts. It also happens to be Hawaii’s most visited tourist attraction.

2. Waikiki: Waikiki is famed for its sun-kissed coast, water sports and other beach activities. It is always a wonderful experience partying in the abode of nature amid the calm waters of the Pacific. The Waikiki Aquarium and the nearby Honolulu Zoo are popular for family fun. Then there are premium hotels facing the bulging waters of the boundless sea – a delightful sight to behold. Those booking last minute flight tickets to Honolulu could look forward to stay in one of these hotels.

3. Iolani Palace: This majestic neo-classical building is the home of Hawaiian royalty. You may also experience the legendary Hawaiian past as there are several artifacts and mementos on exhibit here. The premises were opened as museum in 1978. The interior décor and intricate wooden paneling of the Iolani Palace shows the sublime artistic expertise of the native people.

4. Foster Botanical Garden: The Foster Botanical Gardens were established in 1853 and opened for public viewing in 1930. One may be captivated by the Prehistoric Glen with cycads and ferns that are on display here. The preservation facility also houses the Economic Garden of herbs and species, the Orchid Conservatory, the Butterfly Garden and the Main Terrace. There are tour operators offering flight ticket deals to Honolulu who could arrange you a trip for exploring this garden.

5. Bishop Museum and Planetarium: The Bishop Museum, inducted as Hawaii’s State museum, displays a vast collection of Polynesian arts and antiquities. This includes Kahilis, a sort of feathered royal standard, used as flags for the past royalty.


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