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Budgeted Holidays in Miami


Miami is a city that fills our imagination with palm trees, sunny days, exotic beaches and wild parties. The glitter and aura of the city is too beautiful to be real. And it is precisely for this reason that visitors come here in droves to enjoy this beautiful coastal city. Far from being ‘cheap’ in every sense, Miami, with all its tantalizing attractions, could dent your pocket in a big way. Yet there are ways in which you could make the most of your Miami holidays on a modest budget. Other than buying cheap flight tickets to Miami, these are some travel tips that could save you from an expensive trip:

  1. Beach activity is an obvious priority of the visitors traveling to Miami. If time permits, you could spend hours basking in under the clear, warm sky. Some famous beaches include Lummus Park Beach, Haulover Beach and South Beach. There are bars, hawkers, boutiques and eateries near the beaches to let you enjoy the mood of the city. You may also check out the local artifacts and cuisines that are available at modest prices.


  1. To get some real peace of mind, there are many serene sites in the city that you may love to explore. So how about trying morning yoga that provides a right balance between mind and body. There are yoga practitioners at Bayfront Park who offer free yoga classes to the travelers. In case you are planning an economic trip to Miami, do search about such places here while you book your airline tickets to Miami, Florida.
  1. There are several ways in which one could feel the leisure of a perfect holiday within a limited budget. Just take a stroll here at the famous Art Deco District to witness some finest works of modern arts and architecture. Reputed as a US historic district, the entire sprawl of Art Deco covers over 800 historic structures that include the Ocean Drive’s famous Versace mansion.
  1. Little Havana: Neighborhoods in Miami have a unique spell of Cuban culture. This aspect, which is intrinsically intermeshed with the Miami’s everyday life, could be best experienced by city tours. You could take a ride at the famous Calle Ocho walk of Fame, created on the lines of Hollywood’s legendary sidewalk. You may browse more about this part of the city as you book your airline tickets to Miami, Florida.


  1. Many tour operators and local hotels also provide free bike tour for crisscrossing the city and its beach-side neighborhoods. Experts believe it to be the perfect way to enjoy the ambiance and weather of Miami.

In case, things start getting stingy by now, you could shell out some bucks on shopping or other fun activities in the city. There are several pubs, nightclubs and cruises to party all-night long.


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