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Local Tips for Tourists Visiting Honolulu This Season

As a popular tourist city located on the Oahu Island’s south shore, Honolulu happens to be the capital of Hawaii. This beautiful beach city is all about the best of beach-side parties, arts, culture and natural reserves. Little wonder why tourists flock here in droves to enjoy with their family and friends. So those planning to book flight tickets to Honolulu would find these travel tips of great value:

1.The moderate climate and long sunny days make Honolulu an all-season tourist destination. But it is important to keep in mind that rainfall is well bound to reach its high during peak winters. This makes it requisite for the tourists to carry the required accessories.


2.With the surge in the number of tourists coming to Honolulu from mid-December, the room rates are expected to become costlier. This rise in hotel and lodging rates is more common in the prime locations along the gorgeous beaches.

3.Visitors may go the beaches and surf here at any point of the day. The sea waters seldom touch the danger levels and if you plan to go far in the sea, better equip yourself accordingly. Also, inquire the locals about the safe limits for swimming and surfing.

4.It is worth noting that there are many important festivals that are celebrated here with great fervor and grandiose. These events attract competitors from different parts of the world and include celebrations apart from adventurous events and festivities.

5.You may also like to learn about the state holidays that are celebrated in Hawaii. These occasions bring locals together and enliven the entire city with day-long festivities. People take to the beaches to congregate and celebrate together. Foremost of these festivals include the Prince’s birthday, observed on 26th and Kamehameha Day on 11th of June to honor their Monarch. Then there are celebrations of various Chinese and Japanese holidays that are observed with great zeal.

6.There are various modes of transport to reach your hotel from the international airport. These include the airport taxi system, radio taxis and local city buses. While the radio taxis may charge anywhere between $35-$50 for your travel, city bus system would take you the same distance for about $2.5. You may browse more about these options while booking your flight tickets to Honolulu.

7.It would be naive to leave any of your personal belongings unattended at public places here. There have been many incidents of theft and pick-pocketing in the past. Also be mindful of your important items while watching the street performers or enjoying local shows.

8.As you book your last minute flights to Honolulu, do ensure that your airliner flies direct to Honolulu. The city’s international airport is quite busy during the peak season but major carriers also fly non-stop to Kauai, Maui and the Big Island.

Finally, for any exigency or important help, visitors may simply call on 911 to communicate with the authorities. You may also approach them through the website of Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau that has a directory of all important services.


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