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The Perfect Way to Explore Boston’s Past

To explore the rich past of this historic city, one could tread a 2.5-mile journey along the city’s Freedom Trail. This promising walk takes you through 16 historical sites in the Boston city. For travelers visiting Boston this holiday season, this long walk is all about history, fun and scenic beauty of this city. All you need to do is just follow this brick pathway that begins at the Boston Common, through numerous other historical sites, and eventually taking you down to the USS Constitution in Charleston.

There are a number of online portals offering last minute flight deals to Boston and other important historical cities in the United States. This trip to Boston could be best experienced during the holiday break this year. All in all, you’ll come across 16 historical sites and get to know about their historical significance. Some important ones are mentioned below:


1.Boston Common: This oldest urban park in the United States is a picturesque 50-acre park used for various purposes. Check out the Frog pond that transformed into an ice rink from November through March.

2.Massachusetts State House: Established in 1798, the Massachusetts State House is home to the offices of the Governor of Massachusetts and The Massachusetts General Court.

3.Granary Burial Ground : This historical graveyard is the resting place of Benjamin Franklin’s parents. It also features gravestones of Paul Revere and Samuel Adams.

4.King’s Chapel: Built in 1688, King’s Chapel is an Ecumenical Church and a fine specimen of Georgian church in the US.

5.Site of the Boston Massacre: Boston Massacre is a name for the street riot that broke out in 1770 between the American colonists and the British. Behind the Old State House here, an emblem commemorates this unfortunate incident.

6. Faneuil Hall: This historic site has been a meeting place for over two and a half centuries. Presently, it is line up with 14 restaurants, including the local favorite “Cheers”.

7. Paul Revere House: Built in 1680, this legendary house is believed to be one of the oldest structure in the city’s Downtown area. Revere lived here from 1770 to 1800.

8. The USS Constitution: As one of the oldest commissioned warship in the world, The USS Constitution now cherishes some of the finest moments in nation’s history. This venue gives a brilliant view of the city’s skyline.

You may also search for the maps of this historical trail online while you book your last minute flights from Boston back to your hometown for a return journey. For all your travel related queries, please leave your comments in the space provided below:


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