Waikiki Beach Palm Tree
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Things to Explore on a Short Trip to Honolulu

Famed for its stupendous beaches and awesome atmosphere, Honolulu,  as the tropical paradise of the Pacific, is a perfect place to spend your much-awaited vacations. This island city attracts millions of tourists from across the globe and is chiefly known for its tourism industry. Given the sheer number of hot tourist attractions in Honolulu, it would always be recommended to go by a local advice if your wish to make your short trip filled with fun and frolic. So travelers booking their flight tickets to Honolulu for an all-out party could consider these interesting travel options for their ultimate journey:

Fun and Amusement: Those looking for fun and amusement activities in Honolulu would hardly find themselves relaxed or exhausted. The never-ending entertainment options in this Hawaiian paradise begins right with its pristine beaches. A short helicopter tour over the beautiful landscape would surely give you a bird’s eye-view of this city. Furthermore, you may choose an hour-long journey at the Turtle Bay, world’s biggest architectural maze. In order to explore the cultural aspect of Hawaiian life, you may visit the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Hawaiian Paradise Sunset
Hawaiian Paradise Sunset

Beach: The most popular beach here is the Waikiki beach. Visitors and locals assemble here to bask in under the shiny gaze of dazzling sun. Locals also suggest visiting the Ala Moana Beach Park for relaxing amid the serenity of pacific waters. And be it walking, swimming, snorkeling or sea-divining, the beaches of Honolulu provide perfect settings for enjoying the best of coastal life.

Waikiki Beach Palm Tree
Waikiki Beach Palm Tree

Shopping: The crowded Chinatown market gives you a vast range of fresh tropical vegetables and fruits to choose from. As with any common East-Asian market, you could savor the best of Thai and Filipino food here. As for traditional but globally famed Hawaiian clothing, you may visit Tori Richard, a local clothing chain famous for Hawaiian shirts and other traditional accessories. And to take back a memento for your visit, you may look for hula dolls and tiki mugs at the local souvenir shops here.

Dine: Those on a budget travel to Honolulu may find modest eating options at anywhere between $7-12. Do check out the finest Hawaiian seafood at Yama’s fish market. Similarly, Saturday Farmers Market offers honey, coffee and other local favorites. So those looking for last minute flight to Honolulu could browse for more eating options in this city.

Arts: In order to witness some unique aspects of Polynesian arts could learn more about them at the Bishop Museum in Oahu. This short tour could easily provide an anthropological view of the islands and its people.

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