Downtown Springs

Mesmerizing Attractions of Orlando!

Offering its visitors a vast number of entertainment options at its fun-filled theme parks, Orlando is a perfect host city for your family vacation. This “City Beautiful” has in store for you several fascinating rides, water parks, learning centers, sporting avenues and glitzy shows as it draws over 60 million visitors each year.


Such is the brilliance of this city that your entire tour could prove to be a roller coaster ride in itself. Further, you would also get a chance to relax and capture the picturesque views of the suburbs – something that may seem quite necessary for this hectic tour. Then there are numerous natural wonders at Florida’s Central and Gulf coast to literally bring you back to this temporal world. Now as you prepare to book your last minute flight tickets to Orlando, Florida, we have compiled some amusing attractions that you may love to explore here:


1.Liberty Square Riverboat: At the Magic Kingdom, you would find Liberty Square Riverboat that features a 15-minute boat ride on a steamer that is over two centuries old. This 3-tiered Liberty Belle paddled steamer is basically a Mississippi steamboat that serves as a moving vantage point to let you glance at some of the marvelous sights like Cinderella’s Castle, Big Thunder Railroad and Splash Mountain.

2.Thunder Mountain Railroad: Thunder Mountain Railroad is a classic style coaster that comes without inversion and loops. Situated at the Magic Kingdom, it offers fun and thrill in a very unique way. Then you may take to the fantastic gold mine at a seclude ghost town with false canyons, caves and rock formations that resemble natural settings of a Monument Valley.

Thunder Mountain Railroad
4.Downtown Springs: Downtown Springs offer numerous options for dining, shopping, amusement and entertainment. It is situated near the Walt Disney World and has some brilliant theme-based restaurants like Raglan Road, Rainforest Cafe, Crossroads, etc. Here you could also try your hands at premium bowling alley or go for dining at AMC theater. Travelers booking their flight tickets to Orlando would find many more amusement options at this amazing site.

Downtown Springs
5.Cinderella’s Castle: The castle of legendary character Cinderella at the Magic Kingdom showcases an iconic 12-minute fireworks as the sun goes down. This mesmerizing blitz is all about synchronization of light and colors over the castle. The younger lot would find many other several spectacular scenes that are very well bound to keep them enthralled.

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