Amazing Options for Outdoor Dining in Orlando

With spring season just round the corner, it would be mean to limit your dream vacation just to a family outing. It is always important to include great dining in your travel itinerary as you would surely like to take the best memories from your vacations. At Orlando, there are several restaurants to have the best of warm and sunny climate with outdoor dining. And on offer are numerous open-air eateries serving a wide range of domestic and international cuisines.

From a fizzy cocktail under the clear skies to a soothing dessert while having some splendid views are some the best ways of enjoying the most of your tour to this land of theme parks. So as you book your flights to Orlando, we have come up with great outdoor dining options to enhance your holiday experience to the next level:

1.Prato: With a number of fabulous outdoor restaurants at the Winter Park, it becomes quite hard to choose one. From fine dining to casual eating, there are hot venues to have a memorable dinner. But it is perhaps Prato here that provides the most intimate settings while serving some authentic Italian food.

2.STK at Disney Springs: An upscale steakhouse at the newly rejuvenated Disney Springs, STK is just a stone’s throw away from the Disney parks. The venue provides dining at its rooftop patio while having a brilliant views of Disney Springs. Its grilled meat selections have acquired a legendary status over the years.

STK at Disney Springs

3.Rocco’s Tacos and Tequila Bar: How about having some tequila amid the open skies and fresh air? The best way to take a break from the adventurous parks of Orlando is to take to the Rocco’s Tacos’ terrace at the International Drive. The eat-out overlooks the “Little Sand Lake” as you’ll get to savor some handmade guacamole. The restaurant serves over 400 varieties of tequila to the drink lovers.

Rocco's Tacos

4.Tasty Tuesdays at the Milk District: Tasty Tuesdays are available between 6:30 and 10 p.m. at the Milk District with a whole host of food trucks available at one outdoor spot. You may look for your favorite food at one of its trucks as one may find them lined up with dishes from around the world. So book your cheap flight tickets to Orlando Florida to enjoy the best of cuisines at this wonderland.

Tasty Tuesdays at the Milk District
5.Nova:  There’s something special in store for tourists having a dinner at Nova which is situated just beyond the city’s downtown section. Nova’s farm-table dining is perhaps the best way to enjoy the locally-sourced food grown in Florida. The fresh flavors mixed with elegance of open air provides an incredible experience as we get to see Lake Ivanhoe.


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