Things You Would Enjoy Doing in Boston

Owing to its pleasant weather in the summers, tourism in Boston is highly active from the month of May until late September. With culturally diverse neighborhoods, a plethora of historically significant landmarks, several green spaces dotted around the city, and many other tourist attractions, Boston is one of the 10 most popular tourist destinations in America. Receiving over 16 million tourists every year, Boston is truly a magnificent city to visit during the summers. Last minute flights to Boston are available for booking on various websites.

 Things You Would Enjoy Doing in Boston

Though there are numerous ways of exploring the city, here are some things you could do in Boston to get an essence of the people and culture of the city:

1.Explore Boston’s Oldest Neighborhood – North End

The North End is the city’s oldest residential community and popularly known as Boston’s “Little Italy”. This one-square-mile waterfront neighborhood is well-known for its Italian American population and the cobblestone streets of North End are lined up with around hundred restaurants, bakeries, boutiques, etc. North End is also home to the famous Paul Revere House and many other parts of the Freedom Trail.

Boston Neighborhoods
2.Watch a Red Sox game at Fenway Park

Home to the city’s beloved Red Sox team, the Fenway Park is USA’s oldest Major League baseball stadium. Baseball is an integral part of Boston’s culture and the Red Sox logo can be seen on cars, stores, bars, shirts, and caps all over the city. On days when the Red Sox are playing, the Fenway park fills with people singing Sweet Caroline, doing the hand wave, and chanting “Yankees suck”.

Red Sox game at Fenway Park

3.Get a 360-degree view of Greater Boston and beyond from Skywalk Observatory

Located 50 floors up at the top of Prudential Tower, the Skywalk Observatory provides an unbeatable view of Boston. On sunny days you could see up to 100 miles away and gain a bird’s eye view of some of Boston’s iconic landmarks including Hancock Tower, Fenway Park, Boston Common, the Charles River, MIT, Harvard University, etc.

Boston Skywalk Observatory
Being a culturally engaged community and divided by neighborhoods, Bostonians share a passion for food, music, and culture. Many tourists visit Boston to gain a culturally enriching experience and leave with much more. Several airlines provide last minute flights from Boston which can be booked online.


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