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Things You Would Enjoy Doing in Buenos Aires

Receiving millions of immigrants from all over the world every year, Buenos Aires is a melting pot of several ethnic groups and one of the most diverse cities in Latin America. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and is famous for its preserved Spanish/European-style architecture, tango, and its cafés. LATAM Airlines tickets and flight reservations can be availed from several websites.


Below is a list of few things you would definitely enjoy doing in Buenos Aires as a tourist:

Explore the La Boca neighborhood

Located in southern Buenos Aires, La Boca is a trendy and vibrant neighborhood brimming with lively cafés, bars, and tango institutions. La Boca is home to Argentina’s most popular soccer team, Boca Juniors, and several shops selling Boca Junior’s apparels can be spotted in this area. The El Caminito Road is the most popular spot among tourists in this area.


Try an authentic Argentinian feast with intestines and other glands

Well, if you aren’t faint enough to gross out by its appearance than you might be able to taste a quintessential Argentinian feast. Served at several restaurants all over the city, the feast typically starts with the chorizo and morcilla(black pudding). This is accompanied by crispy chinchulines(chitterlings), briny riñon(liver), and the molleja(sweetbread). One of the most famous restaurants serving this dish is the La Brigada located in San Telmo, Buenos Aires.

Shop at Palermo Viejo

This popular fashion district in Buenos Aries is well-known for its funky boutiques and trendy shops set up by local couturiers. With a vast collection of latest fashions from popular local designers, Palermo Viejo is a favorite among local fashionistas. Some of the most notable designers/stores in the area include Cecilia Gadea, Mariana Dappiano, Maria Cher, Martin Churba, etc.

Well-known as an important cultural centre in Argentina, Buenos Aries is popular among tourists for activities such as cemetery-strolling, shopping at boutiques, watching opera, and tango. Regular flights from LATAM Airlines connect several cities in America with Buenos Aries. To book LATAM Airlines tickets visit ticket booking websites.


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