Best of Paris
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Exciting Ways to Enjoy the Best of Paris

As an important center for arts, culture, fashion and academics, Paris offers several interesting attractions for a wholesome holiday fun. The city’s metropolitan area is home to about 12 million residents who come from assorted backgrounds and races. The city is home to some of the most prominent architectural and historical sites in the world.

Best of Paris

Paris offers a marvelous blend of Gothic and modern architectural marvels that provides its visitors a majestic spectacle of the entire cityscape. Much of the topography of this city is mapped with the River Seine and wide boulevards. Perhaps the best way to explore this city is by purchasing the Paris City Pass that helps you save big on money and time. So as you book your Air France airline tickets for Paris this holiday season, here are some exciting ways in which you could explore the city to the maximum:

1.Fauchon: If you wish to indulge in some gourmet shopping, Fauchon offers several options for food junkies. Here you could buy special food items from various regions of the world.

Fauchon  Paris
2.Window Shopping: For window shopping, you may take to the Quartier Saint-Germain-des-Prés where you could buy finest vintage clothes of over the past century. Similarly, Fauborg-St. Honore brings special delight to your visit in terms of high-end shopping at this luxurious French Capital.

Quartier Saint-Germain-des-Prés

3.Flea Markets: Paris features three main flea markets which are located on its outskirts. At the 18th Arrondissement, there is Porte de Clignancourt that sells antique as well as second-hand goods. These open-air markets also feature fresh fruits and vegetable.

4.Tea Time: Serving this global delicacy in the French way, the Parisian Tea Salons offer a great time after having a hectic day exploring this city. Some brilliant ones include Bertillion and Angelina at Boulevard Haussmann.

Parisian Tea Salons
5.The River Seine for an evening walk: The best way of celebrating the spirit of Paris is while sauntering along the River Seine. Here you’d get to walk along some of the most important historical sites of this city.

6.Ille de la Cite Flower Market: The Flower Market at Ille de la Cite sells the finest of fresh flowers along the Seine.

7.Opera: As you prepare to leave this beautiful city, do not miss out on any of the grand opera houses in this cultural center of Europe. These houses would give you a rare insight into the beauty of finest European arts.

So as you plan your travel itinerary, you may look for Air France flight reservations that are available for all major routes. For any information or travel-related queries, just leave your comments below:


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