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Five Best Places to Explore in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is an old imperial city situated on the River Main. Given its geographical significance, it happens to be a prominent commercial and economic center of the mainland Europe. The sky-high buildings dominate the city’s skyline and this is one of the reasons why it is nicknamed “Chicago on the Main.” Frankfurt is a truly global city and those booking Lufthansa Airlines tickets to this German city would find many lucrative deals offered by numerous service providers.


The city is a hub for cultural and tourist activities. Messe Frankfurt is a huge trade fair complex here that hosts numerous important events. Further, there are several galleries, gardens, museums and historical attractions that offer great learning and amusement options for its visitors. For now, we have come up with five top tourist attractions to make your visit to this city quite special:

1. Goethe House and Museum: Goethe house is the birthplace of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Germany’s greatest writer. Here you would have a chance to witness the beautiful décor of the Dining Room, Goethe’s writing room and a 14-room gallery that showcases artworks from his time.

Goethe House and Museum

2. Zoo Frankfurt: This magnificent zoo features over 4,500 animals representing some 450 different species. It is located near the city’s old Friedberger Tor and sprawls  over 32 acres. Displaying Madagascar’s diverse fauna, the Grzimek House here is one of excellent animal houses of this zoo. You may also get to explore the Exotarium which houses animals from varied climatic regions. The Ape House at Borgori Forest is a must-see primarily for its authentic jungle settings.

Zoo Frankfurt

3. The Römerberg – Frankfurt’s Old Town Center: With the Justice Fountain (Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen) standing at its heart, the Römerberg is situated at Altstadt or Old Town of Frankfurt. This irregularly shaped square is the busiest pedestrian zone of Frankfurt and features tourist attractions in the form of open-fronted shops (Kulturschirn), Römer, a complex of 11 lovely old buildings, New Town Hall, St Leonhard Church, and Historisches Museum.

The Römerberg - Frankfurt's Old Town Center
4. The Old Opera House: Alte Oper or the Old Opera House was constructed in 1880 and is a sublime example of the Italian High Renaissance. It is an important concert venue of this city that was destroyed during the Second World War, only to be reconstructed years later.
5 Senckenberg Natural History Museum: Naturmuseum Senckenberg or the Senckenberg Natural History Museum is located in Senckenberg Gardens and is reckoned as one of the most modern natural history museums of Europe. The museum meticulously displays the essentials of biodiversity of our planet and the evolution of organisms. Here you would get to see biggest exhibition of large dinosaurs in Europe and the world’s largest collection of stuffed birds.

Senckenberg Natural History Museum
You may look for latest deals on Lufthansa Airlines tickets and reservations to book your family visit to this excellent European Destination. For more information and queries, you may leave your comments in the space provided below:


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