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Five Places to Explore in Bali for a Wholesome Visit

Of over 17,000 islands of Indonesia, Bali is reckoned by experts as a perfect holiday destination to capture the tropical charm in the Far East. Like any other major cities in the world, rapid development has changed the face of this island but it would be hard to discount the natural beauty that is all there to be witnessed by its visitors.

This Island of the Gods has a sacred culture that is steeped in the everyday life of the residents and a variant of Hinduism could be seen in the form of several of the historic temples. At the same time, sightseeing at coral reefs, scuba diving, luxury partying, hiking an ancient volcano and sunbathing are all on the list for a special vacation to Bali this holiday season. So brace yourself for your next tour to Bali as Emirates Airlines deals are here to offer you most convenient booking options.

Pura Tanah Lot


Pura Tanah Lot, a popular temple for Hindu pilgrimage, sits on a majestic rock formation and is best known for its tranquility and cultural significance. The temple gets its authority from the Balinese mythology which regards it as one of the seven temples forming a sacred ring of Indonesia.



If there is any particular place here that could be described as the heart of this Indonesian Island, it has to be Ubud. Indeed, it is the place where much of the action is centered where residents and tourists could be seen engaging in numerous outdoor activities. Be it temples, nature, arts, culture, museum or paddy fields: you name it and it is here. Further, this place offers biking tours, cooking options, whitewater rafting and meditation activities for a metaphysical respite amid a hectic tour.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

This temple by the lake rests serenely at the fringe of Lake Bratan. This temple is beautifully built and its beauty perpetuates further as one watches the reflection of this temple on this clear lake.


At Kintamani, hiking tours are arranged for a climb to the apex of Mount Batur. This peak lies in the eastern part of Bali and one would be astounded to know that it is an active volcano. So gear up for a sunrise hike to capture the captivating views of the Balinese landscape. You may choose Emirates airlines reservations for your visit to Bali and pre-book your hike for some amazing deals.

Dolphin sightings at Lovina

For some interesting options in this Indonesian Island, you may go for some Dolphin sightings at Lovina beach which offer boat trips for this noble venture. Leaving the beach at dawn would increase the chances of dolphin sighting. During the peak season, the beach may get a bit crowded watching these dolphins would be sheer delight on your tour to this tropical city.


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