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5 Touristy Places to Go in San Francisco

San Francisco is well-known for its hilly terrain, liberal community, natural beauty, Victorian architecture, and cultural diversity. Enter the land of fog and natural extravagance which is a thriving tourist destination that herald visitors from all over the globe. The city is located at the tip of a peninsula between the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific coast.

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Walk Over the Golden Gate Bridge


One of the most photographed marvels on Earth, The Golden Gate Bridge manages to impress the tourists with its spectacular 1.7-mile span. Nearly 120,000 automobiles drive across it everyday, making it the most famous bridge in the world. Some of the tourists prefer pedestrian walkaway to cross the bridge, as one can witness great views of the entire city and water.

Ride a Cable Car


Cable cars in San Francisco provide spectacular views of the hills and the entire city. Since the late 19th century, cable cars have been transporting people around the city. Tickets cost around $7 that can be purchased from any cable car turnarounds at the end or beginning of your route. You can hear the familiar ringing bells when the cable car moves. The cars run on designated tracks that are well-connected by an underground cable.

Visit the Rock

Located on Alcatraz island in the middle of San Francisco, The rock is a notorious former prison where some of the most cruel criminals were incarcerated. Though the prison is closed now, but earlier no criminal ever made a successful attempt to escape from it. A visit to Alcatraz is interesting as some of recorded cell-house tours are available which allows the tourists to learn about the prison architecture and some legendary fascinating stories.

alcatraz-114179_640 (1)

Explore North Beach

Thinking about beach waters? North beach isn’t a beach at all, but a neighborhood lined with romantic sidewalk cafes, shops and authentic restaurants settled near Washington Square. Visit the beautiful Church of St. Peter and St.Paul, as it is considered as a beloved landmark. For photographers, Coit Tower offers a spectacular point for photos of the Bay and the bridges. Tower interiors were painted in 1930s that portray the scenes of early San Francisco.

Dine at World-Class Restaurants

Foodies might get a little excited as San Francisco houses some of the best restaurants to dine in. Super talented chefs of the city are experts at combining local ingredients with international flavors. Name it and you will get it in San Francisco, be it Chinese, French, Spanish, Indian, Mexican or a fusion. Try the local cuisine as well that might give you the authentic flavor of the city’s cuisine. Savor the delicacies and try to explore some new dishes as well, when in San Francisco.

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