Things to Keep in Mind before you Travel to Paris

Dream destination for many people around the world, Paris is a hub for arts, culture, fashion and academics. Home to 12 million people of different culture and race, the city has a host of top-rated tourist attraction that includes some of the world’s most prime architectural masterpieces and historical sites. The conventional monuments of Paris blends impressively with modern architecture which attracted visitors from all around the world. To explore the city effortlessly, you may buy a Paris City Pass and save your time and money. Check out our list of things to do in the city of love, Paris.


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1.Sacre Coeur: Do historical places fascinate you? If yes, this place is a must-visit for such people. The Sacred Heart Basilica, the highest point of the city has experienced several historical events and apocryphal legends.

2.Tea Time: Tea in Paris is really flavorsome, it needs to be tasted on your visit. Several Parisian Tea Salons serves this aromatic delicacy in a French way. Pay a visit to Bertillion or Angelina to savor an unforgettable taste.


3.Flea Markets: Settled on the outskirts of Paris, the three main markets is a life for the residents of Paris. The markets are really fascinating with the kind of goods it offers. Clignancourt market is a haven for second hand goods and retro fashion which was introduced in the 18th The open-air markets are best for fresh fruits and vegetables. And for the visitors Montorgueil market is great for shopping souvenirs.

4.Fauchon: Foodies can bookmark this place, as it is best known for gourmet shopping. Food lovers can endlessly savor various food items from different part of the globe. The place is quite popular in Paris with visitors. So as you plan your travel itinerary, you may look for Air France Airlines flight reservations on reliable flight booking portals.

5.Ille de la Cite Flower Market: Located near the waterfront Seine river, this flower shop sells beautiful rare flowers. Simply buy a flower as a memento or souvenir, as it may please you.

6.Evening Walk along the River Seine: Paris is really beautiful and it turns out even more enticing with evening walk along the Seine river. Take a the stroll alongside the river, as it lets you grasp the magnificent views of the rosy-pink sky with its reflection on the river. The view is completely serene.

7.Six Feet Under: Pay a visit to the far-famed Père-Lachaise Cemetery- a graveyard of some most popular legends from across the globe including Jim Morrison, Frederic Chopin, Oscar Wilde etc.

8.Window Shopping: Since Paris is known for fashion, so shopaholics can find some of the best vintage clothes in this city. All they need is to do is visit Fauborg-St. Honore for top-notch shopping.

9.Writing: For further information, Paris had these french salons which were famous for progressive ideas speculation. So unleash your inner writer skills and scribble your thoughts on Paris or anything you like, who knows your writing might also become famous just as Hemingway scripts.

10.Opera: Opera in Paris has always been a thriving attraction for many visitors. Before leaving the city make sure to visit one of the grand opera houses in this cultural city. Watching Garnier and Bastille will lend you incredible moments that you will cherish all your life. While booking entry tickets for live Opera online, you can also look for flight deals on Air France Airlines ticket reservations .

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