Traveling to Rio? Navigate these 5 Highlights of the city Rio

Settled on the South Atlantic Coast, Rio de Janerio features golden sandy beaches, football matches, spectacular gigantic mountains and a thriving nightlife which appeal tourists to this majestic city. The city’s booming vibes and splendid nature scene makes it one of the most visited city of Brazil. If you have already planned to visit Rio, then look for Latam Airlines flight tickets as you may easily find a money-saving deal or offer. Since Rio is on your travel bucket list, so let us share some staggering places in Rio to have a melodious time.

Sugarloaf Mountain


With an elevation of 1300ft, the far-famed Sugarloaf mountains boasts of majestic views of the entire city of Rio. Try to reach the pinnacle point of the mountain as the peak offers magnetizing view of the sunset unfolding over Guanabara Bay and Ipanema Bay. To reach the site, you can opt for a three-minute cable ride to have a comfort journey or you can simply trek to reach the place.


Nightlife in Lapa is one of the best time you will spend in Rio. The local bars and clubs of Rio features a miscellany of dance and groovy samba music on which the locals love to dance. This site of happiness and liveliness can no where be found other than Lapa. You can have a gala-time dancing on the numbers of samba music, while this opportunity can also land you on interaction with the locals.

To experience such a lively culture and life, one can search online for Latam Airlines flight booking to Rio.

Santa Teresa-The Selaron Stairway

Featuring an array of art and architecture, this stairway is far-famed for its detailing art of vibrant colors and combinations. The streets of Santa Teresa was transformed by a local artist of the same town, with his artistic talent he gathered a lot of awards from all around the world. The Selaron Stairway holds the attention and captivates several tourists passing through street.

Prainha Beach

Many locals and travelers ditch the highly crowded beach and move to Prainha beach for tranquility and privacy. Settled 20-miles west from the Ipanema beach, this beach boasts of fascinating sunsets unfolded over the ocean. The beach-goers can simply relax at the beach with the sunshine thrills, while the surfers can hit the ocean waves.

Christ the Redeemer


Recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Christ the Redeemer is one of the most iconic attraction and the symbol of Rio. Situated on the mountain Corcovado, with an elevation of 100ft, this statue offers magnificent views of the downtown’s huge sky-lines and the entire coastline.

So those planning a trip to this city could search more about such places and you can also look for Latam Airlines flight tickets to Rio.


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