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5 Splendid Streets In Chicago To Improve Your Shopping Experience

Chicago is the third largest city of the United States, with an estimated population of 3 million. The city features great shopping outlets, exquisite dining, stunning architecture, high-end fashion boutiques, shops and fine cultural attractions. Book your Chicago flights with Air Canada weekly deals for more lucrative offers. So if you are traveling Chicago for its mind-blowing shopping experience, we have assembled a great list that might serve your purpose.

1.The Magnificent Mile: The Magnificent Mile is an endless line-up of high-end shops ranging from Oak Street in the South to the Chicago river on the North. The long and endless strip includes Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman-Marcus, Apple, Brooks Brothers, Cartier, Burberry, Disney, Nike, Garrett’s Popcorn Shop and Tiffany. The Mile also includes 3 major shopping malls such as Water Tower Place, The Shops at North Bridge, and 900 North Michigan Shops. If your hunger strikes, this place also boasts of several high-end restaurants and bars, whereas one can also find street-hawkers in this area.

Magnificent Mile

2.Oak Street: Chicago’s most stylish shops houses in this 2-block stretch between Rush Street and Michigan Avenue, boasting of National brands such as Prada, Barney’s New York, Hermes etc. This place has retained its elegance over the years with its stylish and high-end fashion houses like Vince, Piazza Sempione, Sofia and more. This place is not recommended for budget shopping..

Oak Street

3.Jewelers’ Row: Wabash Street belongs to the dozen of vendors and the creator of jewelry, which lies in between Washington and Monroe Streets. However, the sheer volume of the booth shops can be staggering, so a little knowledge of the trade will help you to shop effortlessly. This landmark of Chicago looks like a buzzing and opulent street of New York, showcasing sparkling jewelries and expensive items.

4.River North Gallery District: Art galleries are sprinkled throughout the Chicago area, but in this region it is mixed with some unique shops of home-furnishings boutiques. Nothing beats this area for its elegance, high-end crowd, great setting of the Chicago river and its sprawling region adorned with comprehensive shops. Just wander at will and enjoy the rattling of the trains going by.

5.Antique Row: This antique row boasts of spectacular art galleries and quality antique shops which can be found all over town. But for serious collectors of antique items, one must travel to the 6 blocks of Belmont Avenue, which range from Paulina Street to Western Avenue on the North Side. Some of the popular names include Good Old Days (stained glass, furniture, memorabilia), Miscellania (aptly named) and Father Time Antiques (timepieces).

Father Time Antiques

If these places in Chicago inspired you to shop for your significant event, book your flights with Air Canada weekly deals. For more queries, leave your comments in the section provided below:



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