Take a Romantic Getaway in Panama City

Well-known as the Miami of the South, Panama City has glorious skyline buildings settled within a tropical setting, offering a scenic treat to eyes. With an interesting miscellany of both east and west, this city is known for immigration and trade.

With perfect golden beaches and sugary white sand, Panama city looks extraordinary in terms of beauty. The city not houses beaches, but also lovely sand dunes, exquisite bird species and sea turtles, which makes it a place where all can enjoy the explicit beauty of nature. So as you book a flight with Copa Airlines tickets and reservations to Panama City, we have come up with some interesting city attractions.

Panama City Attractions:

 St. Andrews State Park

Boasting of snorkeling, fishing, scuba-diving and delectable food, Andrew State Park is another beautiful site where one can encounter deer and alligator nearby the beach. While the thrillers can try their hand at the sea waves or opt for snorkel or scuba. Several beachfront hotels, restaurants and bars offer amazing seafood and beverages, that will certainly quench your insatiable appetite. This site is not only perfect for divers, but also for campers, as the tourists can choose to stay for an overnight from 176 camp sites and spend their night within the stars with bonfire, barbecued food and tranquil surroundings.


Gulf World Marine Park

With a dedicated focus on preservation of aquatic animals, Gulf World Marine Park offers incredible performances by sea lions, bottle-nose dolphins and rough toothed dolphins. One can also feed sharks, turtles and stingrays. And lastly try to get in the pool for an interactive session with Dolphins, as it is famous for its friendly performance and moreover, you can land-up in an overwhelming state.


Panama City Beach Winery

National and International award winners of unusual wines made of fruits, citrus and berries, Panama City Beach winery offers terrific wine flavors including blueberry, coconut, blackberry and even tomato. Their staff is really hospitable and interactive, as you might hear certain stories about their success in wine production. Tasting is accessible to tourists only during its open hours.


One must try these wines as they are really famous for their unusual taste.

Panama City Parasail

Tourists who are sick of visiting beaches, can opt for some thrilling adventure activities with Panama City Parasail. Both the beginners and experienced can opt for this amazing ride, which is launched from the back of the boat. Moreover, one can also prefer banana boat rides where the doer will be pulled by the jet ski or a motorboat. While the riders try to stay calm on the board and your guide does best to dodge it.


So those who are planning a budgeted trip, this city could offer you a lot entertainment, as it is not that much expensive. Book Copa Airlines tickets and reservations to Panama and experience the fun yourself.





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