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Visit Madrid’s Five Most Iconic Markets

On weekends people in Madrid mean only shopping in the city’s famous flea markets, farmers markets and street markets. One can buy a lot of interesting stuff for a special occasion such as books, bicycles, vintage home decor, new and second-hand clothes, organic produce, vinyl records, antique toys and other wares. If you are looking for a fancy day out, be sure to consult our list of the city’s essential markets before you head out.
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Mercado de Motores

One of Madrid’s top markets, settled in the Railway Museum, where dozens of stalls are set up among the old train locomotives and carriages. You can buy a lot items that range from vintage clothes and decor to organic products and classic bikes. This market also includes a section for children., from where the parents can buy clothes and unique toys for their kids, and meanwhile the kids can have a ride on a mini train or take part in games and various workshops. If your hunger calls, you can have a bite at the street-side restaurants with a beer in the large courtyard, witnessing free performances of local artists.

Nómada Market

Started in 2005, Nomada Market has become one of the most important market in Spain, with the aim of being a glorious platform for emerging talent and artists. Now held four times a year with new fashion seasons, Nomada Market’s latest editions have seen new activities such as exhibitions, interesting workshops and several culinary events. However, its incredible success denotes a long queue for entrance into the exhibition space.

El Rastro

Takes place every Sunday at 9am, El Rastro is Madrid’s most iconic street market, nestled at C/Ribera de Curtidores, in the Embajadores neighborhood. The street is filled with liveliness and bustle. A must-visit for both tourists and locals, who are interested in the new and second-hand clothes, decorative items, vinyl records, costume jewelry, souvenirs of Madrid, T-shirts of bands, prints and drawings.

Mercado Central de Diseño

With an agenda of exhibiting the work of dexterous Spanish artists, designers and illustrators, this market takes place on the first weekend of every month at Matadero Madrid, in Legazpi. Prime displays of this market includes fashion, decoration and art items, which targets entrepreneurs in the world of design.

Utopic Bazaar

Where fashion, gastronomy, design and culture come together; the place is ought to be Madrid’s Utopic Bazaar. Here parents can find a wide range of activities and creative ideas for children, while the kids can find a lot of fun things at this place. Tourists and local should have a not that the last weekend of every month is wholly dedicated to second-hand objects. When tired of shopping extensively, one can also head to a bar where you can have a drink of your choice or savor some culinary delights.

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